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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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me. at the university of denver, debate tonight is on campus. >> i will be in the debate hall, and let me tell you -- i am beyond excited. >> she is one of the chosen few to get the hot ticket. >> i know the economy, student loans, job creation are big issues for myself. >> the economy is expected to dominate the first half of the debate along with other domestic issues. >> it will be a very different approach then mitt romney will have. we know that he has been working on his "zingers" to attack the president because he does not have any specifics to talk about. >> the real problem is how the american people have been dealing with this obama economy over the last four years. i think we need to talk to the american people about how we can do better with his path to
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prosperity. >> for weeks, the two candidates have painstakingly prepared. now the real test. >> the message that comes out of the debate will be important. is it is basically a stalemate, i do not think it changes the opinion. whereas if the message is that romney did really well, that will reach and have a persuasive effect. >> the debate will be split up into several set -- segments. we have heard that the president has won the coin toss, which means he is the first question. >> thank you. in addition to the debate, both campaigns have announced new debate with sites where they will be responding to opponent claims in real time. and you can download our commitment 2012 app for your coverage. you can tune in to watch the
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debate tonight. it begins at 9:00. >> ok, cue the dream sequence. a chance for orioles magic tonight against the tampa bay rays. pete gilbert joins us live from st. petersburg. this is its. >> you are not getting. if they win, they are guaranteed to play a wild card game on friday. if they win and the yankees lose, then it will be a game tomorrow at camden yards against new york for the american league east. plenty of fans have come down to represent. what an unbelievable -- we have all these fans on the road supporting the orioles'. let's take a look at what we have seen. and unbelievably remarkable campaign in 2012. and the idea that something
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extraordinary was going to happen in fenway -- chris davis. 16th, 17th innings. the orioles somehow beat the red sox. in june, and jones dividend. this time, against the phillies. fors like they've made up generations of bad plays in one season. and not just the star's. other players got a ball off home runs. 10,000 kids became stands for lot. -- for life. he knew something magic could happen. >> probably in august, when everybody expected us to start dating. everybody said "the orioles are gone. we would go away." we kept winning more and more. >> i was a cherished every
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moment. you do not know how long until you get back their. cherish every moment. egos by quick. it is the most fun you will ever experience in baseball. enjoy every minute. >> that youngster right there just got a chris davis autographed baseball. a special time of tropicana field. coming up, we will talk more about the matchup and specifically about how the orioles can build offensively around shields. >> you could autograph his ball as well. that would be great. i am sure he would love it. right now, u local as a challenge to collect photos of rally caps. or you can go to and click on u local.
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the sixth avenue -- the sixth annual purple evening has been postponed. it has been pushed back to november 5. the organizers say with the potential playoff game at oriole park, they would not be able to hold 5000 purple members in the capacity and the standard expected. the tickets already purchased will be honored in november. >> your bge bill could be going up. that is if a commission goes with recommendations from a task force. we have more on this report. >> these recommendations are not a done deal. the report now has to go to the public service commission for its approval. >> bge spent wednesday participating in a storm drill,
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the same day a report was released on how to improve the reliability and resiliency of marilyn's electric distribution system. it is our report -- marilyn's and electric distribution system. it is a report ordered by gov. martin o'malley. the recommendations include more underground wires and more aggressive tree management, strategies that bge supports. the report recognizes the need for utilities to have immediate cost recovery. that cost recovery would come from consumers to speed up improvements, making them in two years instead of four. gov. martin o'malley says the surcharge would amount to $1 or $2 per month on a customer's bill. >> most of us would be paying $1
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or $2 a month more for the grid. it is not a question of whether it will wipe out the grocery budget for the month. >> it will allow regulators to assess restoration recovery after storms when considering future rate increases. the goal of these recommendations is to improve -- to preventutages and make sure that marylanders have a more reliable electricity source and soon. >> if approved, maryland will join 21 other states that allow utilities to add surcharges for maintenance. wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have two updates on i-team investigations.
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one of three officers involved was shot and wounded nearly two years ago in a gunbattle with a suspect. the officer recovered and became an advocate for tougher gun laws. he is the officer to have the hands-on contact a week in a half ago with anthony anderson. an autopsy found that anderson died of blunt force injury. a jury found one of the officers liable in an excessive force case involving of business owner. he was also awarded a medal of honor for his service. no resolution so far in the case of vote northeast baltimore catering establishment. >> neighbors say that it operates more like a nightclub. barry simms as the details. >> they have conditions to
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remain open, but some members of the baltimore city council committee want more. >> this is a work session, not a hearing. >> after a year, the debate continues. the council man hopes to end the battle. he thinks the stringent conditions would ease the complaints of neighbors about trash and a loud noise while letting the business owner linda brown meeting her business in the northeast baltimore community. >> i do not want this to continue ad nauseam. >> she wants to continue what she has always had since 2004. when she purchased the property from the american legion. she still wants to hold the same nice event, family oriented events. >> members of the city council's land use and transportation committees are questioning
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proposed conditions. >> we need specifics on how the parking is going to resolve things, how the security guard is going to help resolve. all of this related in keeping it under the uniform title of banquet hall facility. >> if it does not prohibit the use of motors, that affected the what you have done is turn a banquet hall into a nightclub. >> the maximum capacity is 200 people. of street parking for 25 cars is required and one to four security guards depending on the number of guests if alcoholic beverages are advertised, dispensed, or so. some of the community to advise to the camp -- the complaints wonder how it will be made sure they are followed. >> our neighborhood is important. >> shirley.
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>> residential quality is important. she has the right to use it as a bank with paul. >> we are pleased to they won strengthened amendments -- they want strengthened amendments that clarify what is and what is not acceptable. >> a man is killed outside the facility -- was killed outside the facility in 2010. they will begin afresh tomorrow to come up with stronger conditions. wbal-tv 11 news. >> state officials try to pinpoint why so many juveniles are in trouble with the law in maryland's. >> and why so many of them are >> and why so many of them are mine breweries [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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>> here is a staggering #40. in baltimore city, 90% of juveniles in trouble with the law are minorities. >> it was the subject of a study where experts and advocates look at their treatment. state officials say there's enough blame to go around. >> the house is about us not being conscious up about the impact of race and ethnicity. you might is we have not looked at -- the why is how we have not
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looked at changing behaviors. >> changes are unlikely to happen without used and parents been part of the conversation. >> unseasonably warm weather all around the mid-atlantic. high temperatures at least 10 degrees above normal for most areas from southern atlantic -- southern england down to the mid-atlantic region. with these. look at these. we are still running at 83 degrees in downtown baltimore. not going to cool off a lot tonight either. expect the warm, muggy conditions to continue. record high, however, a hot 92. the record low, close to freezing. we did pick up another hundred of an inch of rain since midnight. showers and angered a little
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bit. 25.23 inches of rain for the year so far. and there is a little rain coming in. the thing -- good thing the o's are playing against -- plane under the dome down their. fog, monday. clout -- scattered showers. the low tonight, not too much cooler than a typical high at this time of year. all the moisture is left behind. is just lenders there, triggering the showers. next -- it just lenders there, triggering the showers. next, a windsor -- a winter land mass. the northern air pressure. 6 inches or more possible by
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friday morning. fall is going to tighten its grip. there is a lot of sunshine across the region peeping that midwestern cold front crosses the mountains on friday. that is when we see big temperature changes. until then, it feels like summer. upper 70's low 80's. scattered showers with afternoon sunshine. western maryland has drier weather. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. highs approaching the 70-degree mark. we may see the first snowflakes of the season. scattered showers on thursday. unseasonably warm. same thing at the coast.
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scattered showers tomorrow. all the way up to 84 degrees at the beach. after a spell of summer weather, things change this weekend. lows on monday and tuesday morning in the 30's. >> this is 11 sports. >> here is the good news. by the end of tonight, we will know what comes next for the orioles'. heading into tonight's final regular-season game, no this. if they win, they will play the next game at camden yards. pete, that has to be all the motivation is orioles team needs. >> hey, there. sorry, a little trouble there. it is not lau. it can be lau. -- it can be loud.
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there are 1600 orioles fans. if they win, they will be at home. they have to win this game. that is where we are at right now. they will not be as good as they did last night -- at least you would not expect that. james shields was marvelous. joe madden said it was a crime he did not be win. when you take advantage of opportunities, you build upon its. >> we should have gotten a w out of that. you build from wins like that. even if they are one to nothing. >> i feel nervous, excited. "a gain to decided all."
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that is where we are right now. the orioles are in the postseason. considering it is mundane, a wild card, it is not the same -- is not the same as the division. >> texas and oakland, right now oakland leads the texas rangers 8-5 in the seventh. the loser will play in the wild- card game against either the orioles or the yankees'. when you look at these teams from the backfield, they start to look a lot alike. sunday showed a shout up -- a shut out of the top two leaders in scrimmage. both players will play a role in sunday's outcome. as excited as ray rice is, he
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keeps having fun watching and talking about the orioles like everyone else and baltimore. >> it is amazing. is just amazing to be in the same town. our stadium is right next to each other. excitement when you get down there is amazing rainout. it is like no other. you know? we have been pushing ourselves this year. they know they have greatness within the. they are doing their thing as well. >> to around. the seven-
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> here's a look at what we're working on for 11 news tonight. the orioles will have played 162 games. will be enough to decide the american league east? we have team reaction. president obama and mitt romney face-off in the first of three presidential debates. we will have team coverage and lower oil voters will react.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> it has been warm. how long will it stay warm? >> a couple of days. the front arrives friday at noon. it will feel almost wintry. the propofol. once called a deep fault. -- deep fall. if you like it warm in october, the next couple of days are for you. >> something for everyone. >> nightly news is next with brian williams. good night. >> we will see you 11:00.
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